Update Press Release

Alison Yang

Public Relations Manager of HUI JIA CHI FAN                                                                                                               

10:10 a.m. 03 April, 2017

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E-mail: alisonyang@homecook.com

Update: The Statement of Food Safety Problem of HUIJIACHIFAN


On 1st April, three children of a customer of HUI JIA CHI FAN(回家吃饭)were suspected to have a food poisioning. We have contacted with this customer at the first moment and visited these children. An investigation team was built and we cooperated with police investigation immediately. Investigation result shows that this accidental incident was caused by E. coli bacteria outbreak in Nanjing, which also influenced other companies.


HUI JIA CHI FAN(回家吃饭) always put the food safety as the first priorty to ensure the consumers’ health and well-being. The censorship system and procedures of HUI JIA CHI FAN(回家吃饭) are strict and comprehensive, so that no food-posioning has happened before. HUI JIA CHI FAN(回家吃饭) has always followed the regulations of China Food and Drugs Administration and State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the PRC and we will always cooperate with their work.


We fully understand your concerns and worries. Currently, the business of HUI JIA CHI FAN(回家吃饭) in Nanjing Area has been closed temporarily. HUI JIA CHI FAN concentrates on latest development of this incident and once the examination report is released, HUI JIA CHI FAN will inform the public immediately.


Rumors went around on social media that sugar or other food from HUI JIA CHI FAN will lead to cancers and other diseases. Here we warmly remind that, the best ways to prevent E-coli bacteria are:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly
  • Avoiding cross-contamination by using clean utensils, pans, and serving platters
  • Keeping raw meats away from other foods and away from other clean items
  • Not defrosting meat on the counter
  • Always defrosting meat in the refrigerator or microwave
  • Refrigerating leftovers immediately
  • Drinking only pasteurized milk products (avoid raw milk)
  • Not preparing food if you have diarrhea

Thank you for your undertanding and support of HUI JIA CHI FAN.


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