Statement of Data Release

After the hack attack this morning, users of Douyu have really worried of their personal information. We really know the anxiety and worry of users so we are trying our best as soon as possible to fix our system and protect the personal information. Here is some information about data release issue.

Firstly, to protect the information all side, we have completed the process of resetting all passwords. We have also deleted from our servers all credit card information. However, because of resetting and deleting information, this might be an inconvenience to the users but we think is the best solution to protect their personal information, for we always put the security of information at the first place. Also, our IT department is upgrading the system to protect the database in the future. Douyu TV has signed a contrast with other 8 companies to se up an activity to protect data of our users. The details will be announced in several days.

Secondly, by systemically check of our engineer team, we have found that the origin of hacker attack is in Chengdu, and the hacker team had attacked other database for several time in past years. Our engineers aretracing the place of hackers and trying our best to find them. our company is trying our best to assist police to find the crimes.

At last, we remind our users again to protect their personal information on the Internet for there are much risks putting personal information online.

For rumors on the internet, Douyu TV, all legal rights will be reserved by us to accuse false information.

After the whole inspection,we will focus on public for the general information .Please pay attention on our official information and ignore the rumors. Thanks for the supports and trusts of our users all the time.

Crisis Management Team of Douyu TV

2017 4/3