Nanjing Hamute Restaurant Management Co., Ltd 

                                                                       FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:2017/04/03

Harmlett’s  Response to the Food Safety Incident

Nanjing, JS: Recently, food poisoning symptoms occurred among several customers who consumed in several of Harmlett’s  stores in Nanjing.

On April 3, 2017, food poisoning symptoms occured among several customers who consumed in Harmlett. Harmlett concerned about the victim and built the investigation team immediately.

The number of the affected people is below 10, a family of six was in hospital with strong stomach-ache. It is informed by the hospital that now two new sick people have been well-healed, an elder man who had some pre-existing conditions is still reamined in hosptital. The contact is remained with the hospital and the information will be updated.

According to the report from police and official third-party food testing agency, it is confirmed that the origin of the sickness is the E. coli. We are still contacting suppliers and conducting tests to determine the source of this bacteria. For now, we are sure that the contaminated ingredient is not sugar and our teams are still looking to determine the origin of the outbreak. We should have the lab results at the end of the week and will immediately communicate the results with the authorities and the customers.

To prevent more incident from happening, we have decided to temporarily close all our stores in Nanjing. This measure will last until we are able to determine origin of the E. coli outbreak. The accurate re-opening time of the stores will be informed through the Weibo, WeChat and Harmlett’s official website.

We would like to thank the authorities and our teams who worked very hard to find out the origin of this outbreak.

Our primary concern is the health of consumers, We will give updatings as soon as possible.  In the following days, we will keep trying our best to satisfy our customers and protect the consumers’ right.

Harmlett Crisis Team