Final News Release

Date: 11:30am 2/4/2017

Contact: Mao Wenchao/021-45673652/CEO

Several reports revealing that some of our users’ information have been hacked occurred on 2nd of April. We attach great importance to this situation and have immediately set up an investigation team to find out the reason.

Our preliminary investigation shows that the attack can be traced to a series of IP addresses in Chengdu. We have notified the authorities about this finding and have taken the initiative to reset passwords for all our users. All users will receive a notification regarding to the password update.

Up till now, the technical department has already strengthened the system security and has fully controlled the current situation. If any damage occurs, we will be fully responsible for it, the only contact hotline is 55558888. Don’t believe any other contact information for your safety due to the possibility of fraud

For the following information, our company will hold a a press conference tomorrow in Room 1, 4 Floor, Four Season hotel. Your attention is sincerely welcomed.

We are very sorry for what happened. Xiao Hong Shu has always taken painstaking efforts to guarantee the satisfaction of our user, we invite all forms of supervision and we will keep updating any information we find out.