From: Director of OperationsTo: Crisis Management Team

New information has become available regarding today’s events in Nanjing. Our sources have informed us that the food poisoning in Nanjing was caused by bacteria E. coli. This is a more serious case than we had initially expected. However, this is not the case of our single food poisoning case in Beijing. According to our preliminary investigation, the reason four of our costumers felt sick after eating food from one of our home cooks is that the meat used for the dish could have been rotten.

We have contacted doctors at the hospital and they can confirm that the food poisoning of our 4 clients is not severe and that it is not E. coli, like the cases in Nanjing. However, we must continue investigating to figure out why these one case happened. We are trying to reach our home cook in Beijing but we have been unable to find the person who prepared the meal.

We will update you when more information becomes available.