From: Director of Human ResourcesTo: Crisis Management Team

We have learnt that this strike is happening in at least 40 companies all over China and Hong Kong. Workers organised the strike on social media and had been exchanging messages for weeks. The cause of the strike is a salary that they consider too low. They are demanding a 50% increase in their salary. We currently pay our cleaning staff salaries above the minimum wage but cannot afford a 50% in the salary.

The strike is going to have a massive impact on our daily operations. Without cleaning staff, our factory cannot function. We are working on a double strategy. We are trying to convince workers to stop the strike and return to work. However, they demand a signed agreement that their salary will be increased by 50%. Our second strategy is to hire an external company to do the work for one day, but this option seems to be unpopular. We are exploring all options at the moment.

We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.