From: Director of OperationsTo: Crisis Management Team

We can confirm reports that there are several costumers who have reported feeling sick after having food at one of our chain stores in the city of Nanjing. We are trying to confirm the origin of the food poisoning, but at this point we have absolutely where it started or how it could have happened. We are unable to confirm or deny what type of outbreak it is.

As far as we know, the number of affected people is below 10. Three people have confirmed that they were taken to hospital with strong stomach-ache after eating at one of our stores. Apart from this, we have reports of 4 more people who might have been affected. The first reports were received three days ago, but they were not taken seriously by our costumer service representatives. We have contacted the manager of the store in Nanjing where costumers had their food, but we have not received any information.

We will update you as soon as more information becomes available.