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Statement of Updating Information

To begin with, thanks for all the attention and support during this incident.

As you know, users’ security is what we treasure the most. The issues of personal information leakage are under the control. Meanwhile, our IT staffs are still struggling for monitor and protect all the users’ information security.

We already contacted IBM – the leading high-tech company – for collaboration of the information protecting system development.

The latest information security platform will be launched within one month. And we confidently promise that this innovative system designed by credible technology will be the most powerful one ever, thus all the users’ information will be protected perfectly.

Didi devotes to provide users with humanized and convenient transportation service. We will grow up faster and stronger with your lasting support.

Please be attention that information circulating online about the origin of the attack being in North Korea, and a criminal organization trying to access credit card information that could be used in illegal activities are false. Please do not panic.

If any media continue to mislead the public, our company will claim responsible.


Clarification of False Information

Recently, a media report with false information has just been published. And the false information really damaged our reputation severely.

Therefore we need to clarify that all the facts and information will be announced through our official websites or press release.

Thanks for your attentions.


Beijing Orang Technology Co. Ltd.,

DIDI Fast Ride Department

4 April, 2017

2 Solutions to Eliminate Concerns

After talking to network operators, it has been suggested that you are requested to change their passwords immediately. It is no longer safe for you to have the same password. If you were using the same password and a username for other services or websites, we recommend you to change it as soon as possible.

Regarding credit card information, we recommend you to directly contact your banks. We feel really concerned about the issues but we company cannot be held responsible for any losses associated with having credit card information stolen.

Statement of information leakage

On 3 April, our company found that some users’ personal information was stolen by hackers which made us feel stressful. From the first day our company founded, we regard users’ rights as the most important thing. So all the IT staffs in our company are trying their best to monitor and protect users’ personal information immediately.

At the same time, we call the police to help us investigate this incident. Now it is still under the procedure of investigating and we are also looking forward to learning about the result.

After this, we have more awareness of the necessity of developing safer information security platform. We have already contacted with a leading technology company to develop this platform with us.


Beijing Orang Technology Co. Ltd.,

DIDI Fast Ride Department

4 April, 2017

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