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Statement of YGAOR

Concerning about this illegal strike issue, YGAOR deeply regret any inconvince and  misunderstanding to public and our wokers. With an active communication and negociation with strike workers, we have reached a preliminary consensus on this issue:

1.To those formal workers who would like to receive the negotiation,we keep providing the salary follow the rules started from 2013. And we YGAOR promise giving all of  employees a 10% raise every April from this year.

2.Benefit systems: we provide free meals for our employees all working days; we provide a free physical examination every year; we will organize a collective travel every year.

3.To those workers who refuse to the negotiation, we would give them legal compensation according to the Labor Contract Law.

  1. To those workers who are always loyal and responsible, we want to express our sincere respect and thanks. We intend to continuously seeking welfare for all.


03 April, 2017


YGAOR’s working condition. #YGAOR


Concerning about YGAOR’s strike 

YGAOR is a company which has a long history and strongly committed to providing homelike care with the modest levels of quality.

Concerning about the issue of the worker strike, we find out that this strike is illegal after investigation. We made proactive contact with the Workers Union and  the individual workers, at the meantime, protected their legitimate rights and interests in the importance place.  All our management system and salary system are legitimate. Lacking the timely communication with the public, YGAOR express sincere sorry to whom may concern.

Meantime, we will do our utmost to cooperate with other companies to settle down with this problem.

More information will available at a Press conference (Room 4003, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong, 10:25).

Always thank your support on YGAOR.


3 April, 2017

YGAOR has a long history of being responsive to issues and communicating with our workers, and we are strongly committed to providing homelike care with the modest levels of quality. Meantime, we will do our utmost to cooperate with other companies to settle down this problem. #YGAOR

Concerning about the issue of the worker strike, a proper investigation in under going. We have been making proactive contact with worker union. At the meantime, we provide them with alternative solutions. As always, thanks to your support.

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