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A joint food poisoning happened in Nanjing since 31st Mar 2017. It has been confirmed that the number of affected people is 22, out of which 10 are still in the hospital and one is in serious condition.

85℃ Bakery Cafe formed investigation team immediately after the case happened, during the period, we closed all the shops in Nanjing Area for detailed check and did receive some emails and messages from our clients and public. We truly understand your worries and questions had about this case.

Firstly, we here would like to express our sincere appreciation to media and our customers about the concerns and supports on 85℃ Bakery Cafe during past time. What’s more, we insist on keeping contact with victims and relatives, it’s glad to see some of them get recovery.

There is no evidence to prove that food poisoning had been related with 85℃ bakery cafe. But we will pay high attention to our products quality and we do strive to bring customers the best products possible by paying careful attention to every details.

Please let us know through email ( if you would like to discuss any of this in more details. Thanks for your support.


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Dear 85°C customers, we have decided to temporarily close all of our stores in Nanjing because we are conducting a thorough investigation. And all of our stores in the rest of the country remain open. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 85°C always provides the safe product with the best quality, please keep supporting 85°C Bakery Cafe.

Dear 85°C customers, the food poisoning issue is still under investigation. Please do not believe in any rumour, and we would release the result after a thorough investigation. Thanks for supporting 85°C.

Contact: MS. ZHONG Jing-Ru, Brand Marketing and PR Director

About Joint Food Poisoning Incident at Nanjing

We understand the concerns, fears, and questions you may have about the joint food poisoning case that took place at Nanjing on 31st March 2017. Our thoughts and prayers are with our customers and their families.

We didn’t have any poison case happened to 85℃ bakery cafe before. But at this time, we are investigating all aspects of this case, what‘s important to remember right now is that we strive to bring our customers the best products possible by paying careful attention to every detail. The safety and well-being of them are our first priority.

More information is forthcoming and it is available at a press conference (Room 4003, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong, 10:05), or contacting us at

Thanks for supporting 85°C Bakery Cafe!

Several customers reported feeling sick after having food at one of our chain stores in Nanjing,  and this issue is under investigation. The number of affected people is below 10 and there is no evidence to prove that the food poisoning is because of having our foods.  We would release the latest information as soon as possible. Thanks for supporting 85°C Bakery Cafe.

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